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  • School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Manual
    School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Manual


Div_Memo_074_2017Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 67, s. 2017
Div_Memo_073_2017ALS Officials First Quarter Meeting
Div_Memo_072_2017Planning Conference for 2017 Brigada Eskwela Caravan
Div_Memo_071_2017Data Validation Meeting
Div_Memo_070_2017Submission of the Mathematics Teacher's Profile
Div_Memo_069_2017Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 62, s. 2017 Re: Division ALS First Quarter Meeting
Div_Memo_068_2017Submission of School User Account Creation Forms (UACF) for the Creation of School Personnel User Accounts in EHRIS V2
Div_Memo_067_2017Results of the 2017 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Division Finals (Elementary and Secondary Levels)
Div_Memo_066_2017School Year 2016-2017 Graduation and Completion Rites
Div_Memo_065_2017Presentation, Review and Approval of Research Proposal and Completion Report
Div_Memo_064_2017New Process in the Review and Approval of Research and Innovation Papers
Div_Memo_063_2017ALS Field Monitoring
Div_Memo_062_2017Division ALS First Quarter Meeting
Div_Memo_061_2017Orientation-Workshop to Develop the Division Contextualized Curriculum Matrix (DCCM)
Div_Memo_060_2017Schedule of Science Technology Engineering (STE) Admission Examination for Grade 7 Entrants
Div_Memo_059_2017Schedule of English Proficiency Test (EPT)
Div_Memo_058_2017Official Designation of District and School Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Coordinator
Div_Memo_057_2017Pre-Work for the Regional Workshop on the Development and Validation of the Regional Contextualization Matrix
Div_Memo_056_2017Submission A & E Test Registrants
Unnumbered_Memo_March_13_2017_275th Araw ng Kagitingan and Philippine Veterans Week National Photography Competition and Essay Writing Contest
Div_Memo_055_2017Post Conference for 2017 Palarong Bikol/ 2016 Palarong Panlalawigan and Planning Workshop for SY 2017-2018 DepEd Masbate Sports Program
Div_Memo_054_2017National Screening of Athletes, Coaches and Chaperons of the 2017 Palarong Pambansa
Unnumbered_Memo_March_13_2017New Vacant Positions are Now Open for Assessment
Unnumbered_Memo_March_9_2017Continuous Improvement (CI) Rollout to Ten Selected School Implementers of School to School Partnership Program
Div_Memo_53_2017Orientation-Workshop on Program Management Information System (PMIS)
Div_Memo_52_2017Availment of Free Land Survey of Non-Titled but Alienable and Disposable School Sites Through the Regional Surveys and Mapping Division of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
Div_Memo_51_20172017 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Division Finals (Elementary and Secondary)
Div_Memo_50_2017Division Training Workshop on Campus Journalism for School Paper Advisers
Div_Memo_049_2017Designation of Youth Formation Coordinator
Division_Advisory_Mar_1_2017Regional Training of Grade 11 Teachers for Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track
Div_Memo_48_2017Division Management Committee (MANCOM) Meeting
Div_Memo_47_2017Postponement of the Administration of the 2017 Language Assessment for Primary Grades (LAPG) and National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade 6 to 10
Div_Memo_46_2017Condemnation and Demolition of School Buildings
Unnumbered_Div_Memo_Feb_27_2017_2Division-Based Concentration Training
Unnumbered_Div_Memo_Feb_27_2017Pre-Work Meeting with Coaches, Tournament Managers and Technical Management Team on the Proposed Division-Based Concentration Training and Evaluation on 2017 Palarong Bikol
Div_Memo_45_20172017 Stakeholders Summit Cum Recognition of Best Implementers of School-to-School Partnership Program, Brigada Eskwela Division Awards and Stakeholders
Div_Memo_44_2017Technical Management Committee (TMC) for the DepEd Color Fun
Unnumbered_Div_Memo_Feb_22_2017Budget Preparation Workshop for CY 2018
Div_Memo_43_2017Division Workshop on Media/Visual Arts and Recital of SPA Schools
Div_Memo_42_2017Corrigendum and Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 39, s. 2017 re 2017 DepEd Bikol Color Fun Run
Div_Memo_41_2017Seminar-Workshop in Music, Visual Arts and Folkdance for Intermediate Grade Teachers
Div_Memo_40_2017Division Conference of DICP Recipient Schools
Div_Memo_39_20172017 DepEd Bikol Color Fun Run
Div_Memo_38_2017Guidelines and Criteria for the 2017 Brigada Eskwela Jingle Making Contest
Div_Memo_37_2017Granting of Rest Day to All Delegation Officials, Trainers, Coaches and Chaperones who participated in the 2017 Palarong Bicol
Div_Memo_36_2017Coordination Meeting of Brigada Eskwela Coordinators
Div_Memo_35_2017Reiteration of DepEd Support to the Philippine Red Cross
Div_Memo_34_2017Division Training Workshop for School Paper Advisers on Campus Journalism
Div_Memo_33_2017Strengthening the Implementation of the Gulayan sa Paaralan Program in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
Div_Memo_32_2017Reiteration of the Department of Education Anti-Bullying Policy
Div_Memo_31_2017Strengtening the National Drug Education Program (NDEP) in Schools
Div_Memo_30_2017Titling of School Sites Donated to DepEd
Div_Memo_29_2017Follow-up on the Status of Implementation of School Report Card
Div_Memo_28_2017Deadline for Submission of 2016 SALN
Div_Memo_27_2017Division Orientation on the Administration of National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) for Grade Nine (9)
Div_Memo_26_2017Division Finalists of the School-to-School Partnership Program FY 2016 Best Implementers
Div_Memo_25_20172017 METROBANK-MTAP-DepEd Match Challenge Elimination Round (Elementary & Secondary)
Div_Memo_24_2017Division Workshop for the Reading Education Training Program (RETP)
Div_Memo_23_2017Designation of School Alternative Learning System (ALS) Coordinator
Div_Memo_22_2017Monthly Reports, Itinerary of Travel and Other Matters
Div_Memo_20_2017Corrigendum/Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 10, s. 2017
Div_Memo_19_2017Masbate Province Athletic Delegation to Palarong Bikol 2017
Div_Memo_18_2017PAGSURAT MASBATE: Teachers
Div_Memo_17_2017Division Staff Orientation Workshop (DSOW) for the Creative Workshop and Conference
Div_Memo_16_2017Division Creative Writeshop and Conference
Div_Memo_15_2017Screening, Selection and Regional Cluster Training & Workshops of Potential Learning Resource Evaluators
Div_Memo_14_2017Division Selection of Kindergarten to Grade 10 Teacher-I Positions for School Year 2017-2018
Div_Memo_13_2017Submission of MIS Report for CY 2017 and Other Required Reports
Div_Memo_12_2017Division Orientation on the Guidelines on the National Inventory of Public School Buildings for School Year 2016-2017
Div_Memo_11_2017Division Staff Orientation-Workshop (DSOW) for the Training-Workshop on the Utilization of Budget of Work (BOW) and Learning Materials for Multigrade Teachers and School Heads
Div_Memo_10_2017Five-Day Training-Workshop for Multigrade Teachers and School Heads on the Utilization of Budget of Work and Learning Materials (Leveled Readers)
Div_Memo_9_2017Addendum/Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 01, s. 2017 (Division Unified Athletic Intensive Training)
Div_Memo_8_2017Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 230, s. 2016 Division Gender and Development Awareness Seminar for School Heads
Div_Memo_7_2017School Heads Development Program (SHDP) Foundation Course
Div_Memo_6_2017Meeting of the Senior High School Principals/ School Heads
Div_Memo_5_2017Coordination Meeting of Coaches for the Unified Intensive Training of Athletes
Div_Memo_4_2017Organizational Meeting/Consultative Conference of the District/Cluster INSET Coordinators
Div_Memo_3_2017Division Coordination Meeting in Preparation for CY 2016 Year-End Financial Reporting
Div_Memo_2_2017Division Phase I Athletic Intensive Training of All Qualified Athletes, Coaches, Chaperons and Trainers to the 2017 Palarong Bikol
Div_Memo_1_2017Division Unified Athletic Intensive Training


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