Learning & Development for Masbatenyo [Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel]

What is Learning and Development?

These are interventions and activities that would enhance the knowledge, skills, capabilities, behaviors, and attitudes of the teachers, and other personnel in the Department of Education adhering to equal opportunity principle.

Why conduct Learning & Development?

Learning and Development is conducted to fill the “gaps” making the teaching and non-teaching personnel more efficient and more effective in delivery of quality basic education.

Who are involved in the implementation?

  1. The Personnel Development Committee (PDC) which is composed of two(2) levels:
    • Level 1 – District Level
    • Level 2 – Division Level
  2. The Division (District/School) L&D Coordinator

What are L&D Activities/Interventions?

How does the agency track efficiency of the Learning & Development processes?

Tracking tool/template with the following information on:

  • Percentage of employees provided L&D interventions
  • Budget utilization
  • Monitoring and evaluation results of the interventions conducted

What are the printed and electronic data and documents maintained by the agency?

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Electronic Self Assessment Tool (eSAT)
  • Quality Assurance Monitoring & Evaluation Result (QAME)
  • List of trainings/development interventions attended by employees
  • List of participants per training
  • List of Learning Service Providers
  • Completion report of the activities

What is the principle of learning in L&D?

How does L&D assess participants’ acquisition of learning vis-a-vis learning objectives?

The agency uses Kirkpatrick’ Four Level of Evaluation Model which is the most common evaluation tool used for Learning & Development interventins/activities.

Contact Information

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