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SDO Masbate aims to provide equal employment opportunities for all and to deploy human resources as effectively and efficiently as possible, where and when they are needed, in order to achieve its goals and objectives.

Adhering to Equal Employment Opportunity Principle…

There shall be no discrimination in the recruitment, selection and placement of employees on account of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, civil status, disability, religion, ethnicity, social status, income, class, political affiliation, or other counter to the principles of equal employment principle.



What is Behavioral Events Interview (BEI)?

It refers to the conduct of direct inquiry with the applicant, focusing on the display of desired behavior/s when subjected to specific situations or conditions in the previous and/or current workplace.

What is Background Investigation?

It refers to the verification of an applicant’s credentials behavior, and previous performance, if any, by validating the information and records declared by the applicant in the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and/or contacting their identified reference person/s in the school/s attended, and current or previous workplace.

What are the system elements of Talent Selection and Placement?

  • Selection Criteria
  • Assessment and Selection Process
  • EEOP
  • Onboarding


What are the system elements of Talent Sourcing?

  • Recruitment Plan
  • Talent Attraction
  • EEOP

What are the system elements of Talent Planning?

  • Staffing and Workforce Plan
  • EEOP

What are the system elements of governance?

  • Policy including Equal Employment Opportunity Principle (EEOP)
  • Structure and Roles
  • Review Mechanism
  • Information and Communication

What is Talent Selection and Placement?

This pertains to processes for evaluating and selecting more qualified candidates based on objective job-related criteria. Preparing new entrants to the Agency and their roles to facilitate integration and performance, and promote retention.

What is Talent Sourcing?

This pertains to processes and strategies for identifying and attracting as many qualified candidates for existing and anticipated vacancies.
(Adapted from D. Dubois AND w. Rothwell, Competency-based HRM)

What is Talent Planning?

This pertains to processes for assessing and defining Agency’s staffing demands as well as making provision for the movement of human resources into, within and out of the organization so that people’s competencies are effectively and efficiently utilized to achieve Agency’s goals. (Adapted from D. Dubios AND w. Rothwell, Competency-based HRM)

How is Governance in RSP defined?

It is the overall structure and processes for setting policies, establishing RSP system and budget, overseeing management and effectiveness of RSP function and its alignment to the Agency’s vision and strategic direction.
It defines responsibility centers and roles of key players.
It identifies support mechanisms such as information management and system review.
(Adapted from PRMOP Training Management System)

What are the Pillars of RSP?

  • Governance
  • Talent Planning
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Talent Selection and Placement

What is Selection?

It refers to the procedure by which applicants are screened, assessed, and evaluated vis-a-vis the requirements of the positions to be filed. The objective is to produce comparative assessment results of candidates best suited for appointment.

What is Recruitment?

It refers to the procedure of searching for, attracting and obtaining applications for employment. The result is a pool of applicants from which possible appointees are selected.

What is RSP?

Recruitment, Selection and Placement. This is the first of the four (4) core HRM systems.

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